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Latest Twin-Charged Volvo Makes 3,000 hp, Currently Cheaper Than Base XC40

The latest twin-charged Volvo isn’t exactly likely to appeal to environmentally conscious drivers the way the brand’s other turbo and supercharged models does. But that’s ok, because this one takes the idea and makes it even more awesome. It’s also definitely not officially endorsed by Volvo, since it’s a big-block powered, 3,000 hp monsterVolvo. And you can buy it.

It started out as a 1992 Volvo 960, but you’d be hard-pressed to tell that if you’re looking at the front. That’s because there’s a The Blower Shop roots-style supercharger sticking proudly out of the hood. That’s not all this car gets, but we’ll start with the base.

First, it’s a 632 cubic-inch Dart V8 racing block. Then four AR70 turbochargers are bolted into the exhaust. There’s also that supercharger. The owner claims 3,000 hp and 3,144 lb-ft of torque from the monster, and that’s before the nitrous system is engaged. All that power is sent to the rear through a GM 4L85E four-speed automatic. The dash is largely swapped with aftermarket bits, but it still uses the original gear lever, seats, and steering wheel.

The seller says it’s reliable, and that it could be driven long distances. If you have lots of places to get race gas along your way. It’s also got a Uniden scanner in case you’re somehow thinking you can hide from the police, and a “free for life satellite radio unit,” if your ears still work after that exhaust.

It’s currently for sale on eBay, ending in about a day, if you’re interested in bringing this Swedish beast home.