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IPD’s $25,000 Build-off

In celebration of our 50th year of helping Volvo owners improve the fun, safety and performance of their Volvos, we decided to engage the Volvo enthusiast community by sponsoring 5 customer project cars.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be accepting submissions for consideration and we’ll select 5 lucky winners to receive $5000 towards their project; $2500 in ipd parts and accessories and $2500 towards services such as body and paint, interior work etc.

Simply draft up the details of your project and why you think your project deserves to be selected and get it to us by April 15, 2013 for consideration! Email submissions to [email protected]

Feel free to use video, and photos to promote your project, just make sure to get it to us before the selection process ends on April 15th. We’ll announce the 5 contest participants on May 1st.

If selected you must provide ipd with at least two monthly updates on the progress of your project car that include photos, videos and text that we can use for editorial content on our website and social media outlets.

$2500 in ipd parts and $2500 towards services will be reimbursed once the project is completed (by Dec 31st 2013) and you have provided adequate coverage that we can use promotionally.

Loosely, we plan to select one vintage project (544,122,1800,140,164), one rear wheel drive project (240,740,760,940,960), one front wheel drive project (850,S70,V70) and two performance projects (open to any Volvo).

The selections will be made by ipd staff and will be based on the potential to create great content for our website and social media pages pages so your storytelling ability is just as important as your mechanical and modding ability!

The Fine Print-

Naturally we are striving to promote ipd and our customers in celebration of achieving 50 years in business, so the more ipd parts and accessories you are using in your project the better chance you have of winning, but that’s not the only consideration. We will also be looking for your ability to tell the story of your project using photos, video and writing.

The focus of your project is also important as more common themes that have high interest & relevance with the Volvo community will have a higher chance of being selected than one off mods etc.

Payment of the $5000 –

$2500 in ipd parts at the regular retail price for each winner and an additional $2500 for reimbursement of services, such as paint and body, repair shop services, upholstery etc. Re-imbursement of services will be paid upon submission of receipts and photos or videos showing the service has been performed.

Deadlines –

As we plan to use the content generated by this contest during our 50th anniversary, you should plan to have your project completed by the end of the year 2013. You’ll also need to be prepared to submit project update reports with photos and or video as well as written copy (500 word minimum) on a bi-monthly basis beginning in May 2013. (or more frequently if you prefer).

If your project is selected as a class winner, you are allowed to share images and details with other media sources such as forums, Facebook, Volvo clubs etc, however we would ask that you please include the ipd 50th anniversary logo and $25,000 ipd Volvo Customer Project contest graphic in those submissions.

Contest winners will be provided an ipd 50th Anniversary Project Blog space so you can post up pics and updates to our website and our customers will also be able to comment on your project (comments are monitored prior to going public, so any questionable / non positive content will be deleted) You will also have a personal team manager from ipd staff for assistance, advise and to supply resources you might need that we don’t provide.

Ipd reserves the right to withdraw support from a project if it is deemed that the project is not making reasonable progress or the content provided is inadequate.

Click here for more information on IPD’s website.

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