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Polestar Shows New Precept Concept with Sustainable Insides, New Android Infotainment

Polestar has just shown its latest concept. The company calls it a manifesto, showing the electric automaker’s hopes, dreams, and plans. The Precept is an electric sedan with the future car styling we crave and the high-tech add-ons to go with it.

This one starts on the inside, where it showcases the efforts of Polestar and parent Volvo to develop cars that are more sustainable. The interior panels and seatbacks are made from a flax-based composite that Polestar says is 50 percent lighter and reduces plastic waste by 80 percent. Covering the seats are polyester fibres made from recycled plastic bottles, and the carpeting is made from reclaimed fishing nets.

Polestar says that using these advanced composites and reclaimed and recycled materials doesn’t take away from the luxury offered by the car. “If anything, they enable even more premium, cutting-edge, modern and stylish executions which elevate our design-led products,” states Polestar Head of Design Maximilian Missoni. “We were able to derive new aesthetics from new contexts and technologies, allowing society to move on.”

Infotainment in the Precept is a new system that’s Android-based in partnership with Google. Polestar says that the two recognized how apps in-car are “pale shadows” of phone apps, and “the less said about speech recognition, the better.” So they’ve worked to develop a better Google Assistant with more language capability and improved operation. Streaming video services will be available during charging, and even in-car lighting and seating preferences will adjust to you automatically.

Finally, it will be loaded with a new human-machine interface. The new HMI will track your eyes and adjust in-car displays accordingly. It will also track your hands to allow improved gesture recognition and highlighting of desired features.

Polestar isn’t talking much about the styling, or the powertrain, but it’s a safe bet this one is all-electric. As for the four-door coupe shape, with rear-opening back doors? We definitely hope that more Polestars look like this one.