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Polestar Wants Deliveries of its First Car to Start in Early 2019

The design process must be going well at Polestar, because its suite of vehicles is set to arrive even earlier than we had anticipated.

Motor Trend reports that Polestar will launch the Polestar 1, its first-ever independently built sports coupe, in late 2018. Deliveries, meanwhile are expected to start in early 2019.

The second Polestar model, a midsize luxury sedan—which will compete with the Tesla Model 3—will launch by the end of 2019. That model, unlike the Polestar 1 which is a hybrid, is expected to be fully electric.

It will be followed by a crossover that’s set to launch in 2020. It will also be all-electric, and it will be followed by the Polestar four later the same year.

According to Polestar, the design of all four models has already been mocked up, but not all have been approved.

Polestar can manage this pace thanks to the SPA architecture that was developed with Volvo. The platform is set up for both hybrid and battery electric driving, and body styles can effectively be dropped onto it.

In fact, the company says it’s effectively developing the two components—the body and the chassis—independently of each other, so that the latest battery and EV technology is always going into these cars.

[source: Motor Trend]