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Polestar Repreviews the Precept Prototype

Polestar will be taking the wraps off of a new concept vehicle tomorrow and to get us excited they’ve released another teaser image.

Joining a first teaser image of the car that is being called “Precept,” this image shows fewer lights but is ironically better illuminated. Showing an overhead view of the hood, the image seems to show a hood scoop, which is a little unusual since Polestar has been leaning increasingly into the solely electric powertrains.

The Precept will probably also preview Polestar’s shiny new Android-powered infotainment program. It will likely also be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, early next month. We will continue to follow this concept as it develops.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 25 February, we reveal a vision of our future. 12:00 CET, https://t.co/crodULiKAf. #PolestarPrecept pic.twitter.com/gfnfSqlfWh

— Polestar (@PolestarCars) February 24, 2020