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Polestar Opens Up new Android Infotainment to Developers

Polestar has just launched a new platform for its in-vehicle infotainment system that it wants to encourage new developers to create new in-car digital experiences.

The new system allows for Android developers to think outside the infotainment box. Adding new and innovative experiences to the standard system that comes with the vehicle. Apps tuned specifically for the vehicle, not just those approved for Android Auto and accessed through that interface. That opens up the opportunities for developers significantly. Polestar made the announcement at the Google I/O developer conference, with company CEO Thomas Ingenlath touting the new system’s flexibility.

“The Android platform which we have introduced in Polestar 2 has so much potential for innovation that we immediately identified the chance to engage with the developer community,” Ingenlath said. He added that “together with Google, our own digital team has created an exciting interface in the car, and we know that this system will enable great opportunities. We look forward to inspiring new ideas that could make the digital experience in Polestar 2 even better.”

The automaker gives a few suggestions for developers. Like finding and paying for parking directly from your car. Or a music experience that adapts to your driving. But they also say that they’re not sure just what can or will be developed. Which is the whole point of opening it up to Android developers. Polestar says it’s the first system of its kind in allowing this flexibility.

If you’re an interested developer, Polestar has an emulator online already that lets you test out your code and app.