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Polestar 2 Rated at 233 Miles by EPA

The Polestar 2 is the latest European EV to have its range boasting bruised by the EPA. Rated at a healthy 233 miles per charge, America’s authority rates it at 60 miles fewer than the European authority’s range prediction.

The automaker was shooting for a range of 275 miles. Though it exceeded its target in Europe, the WLTP standards are notoriously more optimistic than the EPA’s. The Porsche Taycan, for instance, is rated at up to 288 miles of range in Europe, while the EPA reckons you’ll get just 192 miles. 

Porsche’s results actually led the company to do some explaining about why the results are so different and why it caps battery usage to preserve battery life. It has also led to a cottage industry of “I beat EPA range estimate” reviews online.

Still, when the Tesla Model 3’s range exceeds 300 miles, no number of explanations will beat sticker shock. And there’s more bad news for the Polestar. The EPA has rated the 2 as using 366 watt-hours per mile, 23% more than the Model 3 Performance, which uses 298 Wh/mi.

On the other hand, when you buy the Model 3, you’re giving money to Elon Musk, and that leads to dangerous levels of hot air.