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Polestar and Koenigsegg are Planning “Something Exciting”

With twin posts coming from Koenigsegg and Polestar this week promising something both ‘exciting” and “interesting, we can’t remember being this eager to find out more since Gabbo.

The brands each posted pictures of the Polestar Precept and the Koenigsegg Gemera today. The Polestar post, however, promised that it would be happening on Sweden’s west coast. Although little more information has been given, a quick look at a map does at least show that Gothenburg is on Sweden’s west coast.


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Something exciting coming soon. Stay tuned. #KoenigseggXPolestar

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The photos do appear to back that up as they seem to show a view of Gothenburg’s downtown along the canal.

[By Amjad SheikhOwn work, CC BY 4.0, Link]

What the two cars share in common and why Koenigsegg decided to post a photo of the Precept coming off a car ramp remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, we’re excited.


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Something interesting is happening on the west coast of Sweden. Stay tuned. #KoenigseggXPolestar #Koenigsegg #PolestarCars #KoenigseggGemera #PolestarPrecept

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Unfortunately, we don’t know how long we’ll be waiting as both brands have chosen not post a reveal date, preferring instead to simply say that this exciting thing is “coming soon.”