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New Polestar 2 Teaser Further Suggests 300 Miles of Electric Range

It has long been reported that Polestar’s electric ambitions include 500 km (or roughly 310 miles) of range, and a recent teaser from the company seems to suggest that the reports were correct.

Among a flurry of teasers, Polestar posted a video of a battery charging gauge. Along with the percentage of charge, it shows the range and at what time charging will finish. Although Polestar has carefully cropped out the range at 100% charge, at 50% it shows a range of 249 km, or roughly 154 miles of range. 

While it’s an imprecise way to measure and anything but EPA-tested range, it does at least show that Polestar intends for the 2’s range to be more than 300 miles.

A new teaser image also shows the 2 from the top down (pictured below) and shows a massive sunroof. Polestar also took the opportunity this week to show off its new infotainment system.

Expect the Polestar 2 to show up a little later this year, with sales starting in 2020.