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Koenigsegg Teams up With Hasselblad for Epic Photoshoot

Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg teamed up with Swedish camera maker Hasselblad for a stunning photo shoot, but unfortunately, the images won’t be released until later this week.

Above and Beyond: Ming Thein x Hasselblad x Koenigsegg from Ming Thein on Vimeo.

For now, we are treated to a video showcasing the two-day photoshoot that took place on locations in and around Ängelholm.You’ve probably heard of Koenigsegg, but if you’ve never heard of Hasselblad, the company has been creating the world’s finest camera systems for decades, and it was a Hasselblad that took the world-famous images on the moon in 1969.

Ming Thein, chief of strategy for Hasselblad, and his team did the magic behind the camera, with the shoot capturing two Koenigsegg cars with Hasselblad’s cameras and DJI’s new professional air photography drone, the DJI M600.

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