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Watch: Randy Pobst Rallies a V90 Cross Country

If you aren’t a fan of Motor Trend’s video offerings, you may have never heard of Randy Pobst, but the Ignition hot shoe has been getting every last bit of performance out of cars for years now.

Equally at home on a track or climbing Pike’s Peak, Pobst has driven all manner of incredible vehicle, so his opinion carries some weight. And Pobst’s opinion of the Volvo V90 Cross Country could best be described as glowing.

The host describes the car as a better handling alternative to SUVs, while also capable enough to impress a rally school instructor.

Unless you’re doing really serious off-roading, like, the kind that mostly goes on at Moab, there’s no reason to get anything more.

Although Pobst seems to forget that the Cross Country badge has been around for a long time, his points are well made all the same. And the conclusions are beyond reproach.