For the Volvo Enthusiast

Volvo Wants you to Stare at your Phone and Win

Strangely for a car company, Volvo wants you to keep your eyes on your phone. For as long as possible. And if you do, you could win a Care by Volvo subscription.

You’ve probably heard of touch a truck contests. Stand there with your hand on a shiny new vehicle longer than anyone else and you can take that truck home. It’s like that, but on your phone. Adn way more difficult.

Visit the site from your phone or other eligible mobile device to start the contest. Take what they’re calling a digital test drive and you’re entered. You need to keep your eyes on the car, because the app is watching. Look away and the drive ends. The three people who manage to stare the longest win the grand prize. A 24 month subscription to the Care by Volvo service.

It starts at 6pm ET this Sunday, and runs during “the most famous football game of the year,” which is what you call the Superb Owl when you don’t feel like paying to use The Big Game by name. You can enter multiple times during the game, though. So maybe if there’s a boring third quarter or halftime show entries will spike.