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Volvo Invests in Philly-Based Wireless EV Charging Company

The race to make electric vehicles as user-friendly as possible, Volvo is looking to take a step ahead of the competition.

Volvo Group Venture Capital AB announced yesterday that it is investing in Momentum Dynamics, a Philadelphia-based company that is developing high-power wireless charging systems.

The system works for everything from cars to trucks, and opens new avenues for charging infrastructure. Since a car need only drive over a charging pad for charging to begin, parking spots could be fitted with chargers, allowing people to gain range during their daily activities. 

Momentum Dynamics also maintains that its chargers are unaffected by rain or snow. Furthermore, no heat or danger is generated during charging, so you won’t come back to dead squirrels under your car.

The company also claims that its chargers are capable of transferring more power to EVs than current charging cables, making a five-minute charge during a shopping trip more meaningful.

Wireless chargers use inductive charging, just like your phone. In essence, the chargers use an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from a charging pad to a receiving pad. While the gap can only be small, the gap between most cars and the ground is within the range of acceptability.

The system can also be used for commercial vehicles, which might be appealing to Volvo AB, which just released an electric commercial vehicle set to launch in California next year.

Volvo’s subbrand, Polestar, also recently revealed details about its first all-electric vehicle, the Polestar 2.