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Volvo Brings Together Their Design Trio To Talk Style

What does it take to turn a company known for design by straight edge and square into a company that makes some of the best-looking cars around? Well, Volvo says three heads are better than one.

The company has had three design bosses over the last few years, with some overlapping responsibility and role changes. Thomas Ingenlath, Robin Page, and Maximilian Missoni. Volvo brought them together last week for a special display of the cars they’re responsible for creating.

“Working with Max and Robin is very pleasant. We feel comfortable around each other and it is inspiring working together,” said Thomas Ingenlath, chief design officer. “What I am most proud of is taking this incredible brand and putting it into the right frame of a premium Scandinavian brand, with a design that makes it an attractive and desirable product.”

“We have a really good friendship and a good way of working together as colleagues,” said Robin Page, head of Volvo design. “Before Max and I arrived at Volvo, Thomas created the strategy and then we built the team needed to deliver his vision. The result is here today, with a fantastic range of cars”

“I think we really elevated Volvo’s design into the premium segment,” said Maximilian Missoni, head of exterior design. “Thomas’ greatest strength is that he is a visionary and he has that sense for the next big thing. Robin has transformed the interior design and quality of Volvo to an absolute benchmark.”

To go with it, Volvo has also revealed a set of videos. Interviews with Page and Missoni have been released so far, talking about their motivations and where they find Volvo design. Ingenlath’s video hasn’t been released yet but will follow on Volvo Cars’ YouTube Channel.