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European Owners Report Polestar 2s Becoming Bricked

Sweden’s CarUp reports that as many as 30 Polestar 2s have been affected by a mysterious issue causing them to become totally immobilized. 

The problem, reports the outlet, is with the 12V system which causes a warning light before the car dies completely. Unfortunately, despite knowing the root of the problem, Polestar appears to be struggling with a solution.

The fault does not affect all cars, but one owner said his car was in the shop for more than 30 days. Indeed, CarUp reports that most of the affected cars are still in the shop.

“We are working on a solution now and of course, when it is ready, we know what needs to be done and will inform all affected customers,” Brent Ellis, a Polestar spokesperson told CarUp (all translations by Google).

The Swedish customers don’t appear to be too worried about the fault. Erik Walfridsson spoke to the outlet and told them that he expected to experience some teething problems.

“This is something that is part of the concept when you buy a new and untested model,” Walfridsson told CarUp. “We got a loan car right away, so I have not been affected. I think Polestar handled this well. It is a fantastic car that makes it fun to go and buy milk.”

Still, Polestar will be eager to sort these problems out as quickly as possible. Ericsson only managed about 125 miles before it broke down. Worse still, Walfridsson invested in solar panels for his house to make charging as green as possible.