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Swedespeed Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We’ve successfully made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and we are now entering the homestretch for holiday shopping.  This year I have pieced together a Holiday Gift Guide including the coolest pieces that I’ve encountered over the past year to enhance your Volvo, and your life. Items on this list may range from a couple of dollars to a few hundred, all of which can be obtained without much effort.  Some may be obvious Volvo-branded goods, while others are simply cool things from around the web that would look great wrapped inside a box with a bow on top. Whatever the case, I think most any auto enthusiast would be happy to have most items from this list. I do hope you agree and above all, would like to wish you a happy holiday season no matter what you’re celebrating.


Volvo Car Rider Concept XC Coupe
A tough kids’ ride-on car in the latest Volvo design language. Comes finished in either XC Coupe silver or Crash Test orange, complete with authentic crash test markings. The large wheels and big steering wheel make it easy for children to operate, while the working front and rear lights (with a ten-minute delay function) and horn add realism. Suitable for children between 1-3 years old.

Information & Purchase: Volvo Rider Concept Coupe


Gordy the Moose:
Say hello to ipd’s newest mascot, Gordy the Moose!

Need a stocking stuffer for your favorite Volvo enthusiast?  Gordy is ready to keep you company on any car ride, plane trip, or family vacation.   This cute stuffed moose will be the main attraction at any Scandanavian car show.  Gordy specifically likes to ride on the dash or on the rear window deck.  Gordy is the perfect addtion to your Volvo fleet, just make sure you don’t forget him on your next adventure!

Purchase and Information: Gordy the Moose


Race Ramps
Getting underneath a car on jack stands or floor jacks can be sketchy at best.  For those of us who need to get under their car for tweaks, adjustments and modifications but don’t have the budget or need for a hydraulic lift, Race Ramps offers a relatively inexpensive lightweight solution.  For about $200, Race Ramps are a hell of a lot cheaper than an emergency room visit, and an all-around good investment.

Purchase and Information: Race Ramps

Nordfire’s MAUS Xtin Klein
I came across this really cool, fire safety product from Nordfire.  The MAUS Xtin Klein fights fire using a potassium-based aerosol (smoke) that doesn’t leave traces of powder, extinguishing foam or other extinguishing residues behind. With its advanced extinguishing capabilities, it’s a must in the car, the boat, at home or in the workplace.

Purchase and Information: Nordfire Inc.



Home DecorLinear Edge Sculptures and Coasters
For those of us who are in their own place, but have yet to refer to themselves as “grown up”, wall hangings can be a sensitive subject.  Bridging the gap between posters and artwork, Linear Edge Race Track sculptures have a professional aesthetic that is sure add a bit of class to your pad.  Linear Edge manufactures recreations of most of the more popular circuits from around the world, and is open to tackling any track for the right price.  Sculptures start at $160.

Purchase: LinearEdge


ViVA Performance’s Wooden Moose Wall Clock 
Looking for a fun clock for a Volvo enthusiast?  ViVA has a limited number of these unique wooden moose wall clocks.

Purchase: ViVA Performance

Big Ass Light LED Garage Lighting
Bigger is better must certainly be the motto of the Big Ass Solutions company. They’ve been making gigantic Big Ass Fans for some time now and have extended their offerings into lighting. In particular, they have these intensely bright and cool LED light arrays for your garage. Essentially, the garage light is a smaller version of the firm’s large warehouse commercial lighting fixtures, so it gets all of the benefits like super high endurance LEDs that last longer than even the usually long lasting run-of-the-mill LED. Each unit will cost you $399.

Information & Purchase: Big Ass Light


ViVA Performance: Swedish themed keychains
Embrace your Volvo by adding a stylish key Chain. Available formats are “Made in Sweden” or “Swedish Racing.”

Information & Purchase: ViVA Performance

Ipd Tire Pressure Gauge
A very practical gift for every auto enthusiast.  Check your tire pressure easily with this nifty tester! Perfect for your glovebox or toolbox!

Information & Purchase: IPD USA


Ammo FROTHe Hoseless Lift (Concentrate)
For those with limited access to water, this product was recommended to me by several auto enthusiasts.  AMMO FROTHe Hoseless Lift is a 20x concentrate Humectant that creates a thick shaving cream-like foam to protect the surface of your paint from scratching during a hoseless wash. FROTHe can be use on wet OR dry paint and does not require a final rinse. The concentrated formula will create 25-30 hoseless washes per 16oz. bottle. Perfect for apartment dwellers, drought or water restricted areas, on the road with no hose, and winter cleaning.

Information & Purchase: AMMO


Griot’s Garage King’s Pneumatic Creeper
Detailing and working on our Volvo’s can take its toll on our backs, check out this creeper from Griot’s.  This new generation King’s Pneumatic Creeper will allow you to focus in on low-hanging projects without stressing your back or knees.

Information & Purchase: Griot’s Garage


Matchbox Volvo V60 Die-Cast car
Available in Brown and Cyan Blue, these Matchbox die-cast cars are a great stocking stuffer for Volvo enthusiasts.

Information & Purchase: eBay or this blue V60 on eBay.  Toy stores may also have these available.