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From the Forums: One Amazing 591-hp 850 T-5R Build Thread

Stop right here. Hold your calls. Clear your schedule. Set everything else aside now, and devote the next half-hour of your life to reading the forum thread linked below. We promise, it’ll be worth your time. That’s because if you’re a true Volvo enthusiast, you’ll no doubt drool over the level of intricacy with which this particular 850 was restored and turned into a fire-breathing monster.

The story comes from VOLVO LOVER, an 850 T-5R sedan-owning reader from the UK. If his car weren’t brilliant enough, his life seems to have been equally amazing thus far, topped off by a job as a mechanic for a Porsche team at Le Mans. Yeah, really. With that information in mind, the rest of his build thread might not seem quite as astonishing. We won’t go into all the details of this gutted-and-reborn yellow Volvo here, but we’ll tell you it ended up delivering 591 hp and 524 lb-ft of torque while being perfectly normal in everyday driving. Every piece of the build is outlined and supported with photos, and there are even a few driving impressions at the end. So why are you still listening to me? Go read it through the link below.

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