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The Officer and the Muffler: Who was Right?

We enjoy modified vehicles as much as the next enthusiast. We also understand that certain modifications garner wanted and unwanted attention. Unfortunately, as we strive to gain more power or improve the handling of vehicles, our preferences can conflict with vehicular laws. Many municipalities have legal requirements which govern vehicle modifications. The aftermarket modification game between law-makers, auto manufacturer warranties and enthusiasts has escalated since the 2001 premiere of “The Fast and the Furious” which took the radical modifications from the street racing scene mainstream. Over the top manifestations of creativity became rolling works of art and not necessarily vehicles built for speed. These vehicles became easy targets for law enforcement.

The Volvo 850 in this YouTube video does not jump out as a F&F, flashy street racer especially since the muffler lacks a 4″ chrome tip. The wing on the trunk is subtle and the tint looks legal. It is a clean looking 850 that should “fly under the radar.” Clearly, the officer felt the need to have a look at this Volvo. He proceeds to examine the rear muffler in great detail with a digital camera and measuring tape.

After watching the clip, what are your thoughts for both the driver and the officer?

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