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Swedespeed Establishes Official Facebook Presence

Yes, we’ve given in to all that is hip and trendy, and Swedespeed.com now has an official Facebook page. Now that the snowball is rolling, we don’t know if it can be stopped. Before you know it, we’ll be twitting and tweeting our way into your inboxes. But you love us, right?

In all seriousness, we simply see this as another way to deliver the latest Volvo news and features to you conveniently, while at the same time allowing all of us to spread the word and help the Swedespeed family grow. So please, if you have an account, come be a fan. If you don’t have an account, well, what exactly are you doing on a computer right now? We’d also like to extend our apologies to the founder of the unofficial Swedespeed Facebook group. Thanks for being pioneers, and we hope you don’t take our launching of a new page as some sort of caveman defense of our territory. We just wanted to make an official place to reach out.

Thanks to everyone who joins. Follow THIS LINK to get to Swedespeed on Facebook.