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Find of the Day: S70R and a Shelby Mustang Project

Today’s Find of the Day is quite different. Sometimes you just look at a project car and wonder where the owner found the source of inspiration. A Saffron S70R is like a holy grail to Volvo enthusiasts in the U.S. and it was rare in Europe. So when we see something like this we cringe. We are not taking anything away from the project, we actually applaud the attempt which clearly a lot of time and effort was spent but we would have preferred to see a more common S70 such as a T5 or GLT used as the donor. If this was a salvage S70R, all this effort could have restored it to like new.

For a Volvo enthusiast who also enjoys Mustangs, “this one off custom made car with a Shelby Mustang front end and custom styling on the sides and rear, professionally styled by hand” may be a dream project car. Check out the pictures and you will notice an Ohlins suspension, another rare favorite for S70s.

Have a look at the eBay auction in the U.K., 20 bidders have already stepped up as of this post.