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2016 Swedish Car Day Photo Gallery

Finding a good and trustworthy repair shop is difficult. Finding a good and trustworthy repair shop that understands enthusiasts and the use of both OEM and non-OEM parts is even more challenging. Last year, I found an independent shop that does and you should check them out if you are in the DC Metro area. This year was the 4th annual Scandinavian Imports, Swedish Car Day the weather turnout was great!


Small Volvo meets are enjoyable because you get to see some really nice cars, listen to owners tell his or her story and if you are lucky, enjoy some really good local food. Many individual stories like these support the Volvo for Life theme. The stories are entertaining, heartfelt and humbling. Each one is fascinating and several we can all relate to a similar experience.

Edwin Rodriguez a technician at Scandinavian Imports told me how it all got started.

“We started this meet simply to give local Volvo enthusiasts a place to gather and share the cars we’re all so passionate about. By the time we made the first Volvo meet official, some Saab owners lurking on swedespeed approached me and asked if they could join. And Scandinavian’s Swedish Car day was born!

Now I personally have been to many, many, many car meets and rarely leave them feeling as if I’ve been a part of something really worthwhile. We decided we wanted Swedish Car Day to be memorable – out of the ordinary, much like the cars we drive. And what better way to do that than to have great food and fun giveaways for our completely unscientific “car show” awards segment? Components that really give people the opportunity to interact and strengthen our local enthusiast community.

On a personal note, I am truly honored to be employed by a company that gives me the opportunity to sponsor this event. I think we really break the mold in the realm of independent repair shops.”


Scandinavian Imports put on a great event, offered fantastic food and expanded the awareness of their facility. I look forward to returning next year and hopefully a few of you will join me. Learn more about Scandinavian Imports by visiting their website here: http://scandinavianimports.com

Check out my photo gallery from the event.