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Swedespeed Project V70 T5M Part Two: Reaching Stage Zero

posted by on 4 November 2009 in Project V70 T5M Technical Features

The actual definition may vary depending on the owner’s opinion of what is baseline livable, but at the core of Stage 0 is the return of your engine components and mechanicals through repair or replacement, bringing the car back to solid stock performance levels. More…

Swedespeed Project XC60: Introduction

posted by on 30 October 2009 in Project XC60 T6 Technical Features

It’s hard to deny the luxury crossover segment. While most of the automotive market has slumped or even nose-dived during the recent recession, one of the few bright spots is the niche of car-based 5-passenger SUVs from luxury brands such as Volvo More…

Project C30: Brake Rotor, Pad, and Stainless Line Upgrades From Elevate Cars

posted by on 26 October 2009 in Project C30 V2.0 Technical Features

Slotted Rotors, Pads & Stainless Brake Lines from Elevate offer better stopping power. More…

Volvo 50 Years of Seatbelts Celebration: Crash Test Dummies’ Role Explained

posted by on 11 August 2009 in Technical Features

At Volvo, crash test dummies are more than a washed-up early nineties band from Canada. In fact, they’re some of the most valuable employees at the company–a huge investment with an even larger pa… More…

Project 850 T-5R Part Three: Intake, Exhaust, and ECU Upgrades From EuroSport Tuning

posted by on 3 August 2009 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon Technical Features

When we last reported on the progress of the Swedespeed Project T-5R, we were practicing a healthy mix of repairing and modifying by swapping out a completely beat suspension system for a new s… More…

Technology Spotlight: Volvo XC60 Trailer Stability Assist

posted by on 1 July 2009 in Technical Features

Technology That Brakes Runaway Trailers

Suddenly you notice that your trailer has a life of its own. While driving downhill, it starts weaving back and forth by itself and things don… More…

Project C30: EuroSport Tuning Strut Bar, 0-60 MPH Numbers, Studio Photography

posted by on 10 June 2009 in Project C30 V2.0 Technical Features

EuroSport Strut Bar tightens handling while test equipment helps define performance gains with numbers. More…

Project 850 T-5R: Suspension Upgrade

posted by on 22 May 2009 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon Technical Features

I sometimes wake up in cold sweats at night because suspension projects haunt me. That’s because the last time I did a “quick and easy” spring and shock swap, the job was anything but. The car was a 1… More…

Project C30: K&N Intake and Bell Intercooler Add More Power with IPD ECU Upgrade

posted by on 23 April 2009 in Project C30 V2.0 Technical Features

Added power complement our IPD ECU perfectly to transform the C30 into an EVO-capable sleeper. More…

Reincarnation: Project V70 T5M Introduction

posted by on 2 April 2009 in Project V70 T5M Technical Features

Envisioning my next project car, I was looking for something that was timely and had the potential for a broad appeal. At the time, our 2006 Project V70R was at the higher end with the latest generation R and mods. I wanted to go in a similar but different direction on a more realistic budget. More…