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After launching in China, Lynk & Co. look to North America

posted by on 22 January 2018 in News

  America has been exporting cars to China for decades now, but not many Chinese cars ever make their way to American shores. That might be changing soon, however. Lynk & Co might be the first Chinese marque to manufacture cars in America for sale on the US market. Part of the reason we haven’t […] More…

Volvo Owner on Track to Double Profit

posted by on 12 January 2018 in Volvo News

  China represents the largest market for new cars on the planet, and the Chinese are buying new vehicles at an increasingly fast pace, so you can understand why manufacturers are continually positioning their products to satisfy the needs of Chinese consumers. In the past, American automakers like Buick have seen success in the Asian […] More…

NEVS has officially started production in China

posted by on 6 December 2017 in News Tuner News

Saab may be officially dead, having declared bankruptcy and shut their doors back in 2012, but their designs live on and are now officially in production in the form of the NEVS.  What exactly is the NEVS and how is it a spiritual successor to the Saab name? Introducing NEVS NEVS stands for National Electric […] More…