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Volvo XC40 is the 2018 European Car of the Year

posted by on 5 March 2018 in News Volvo News

Volvo has taken the European Car of the Year award for the first time ever with its brand new XC40 SUV. After its initial introduction to the public in the fall of 2017, the XC40 has been impressing the automotive community the world over, and this latest honor is just an additional accolade to the […] More…

Here’s How the Volvo XC40 is Different from Other Volvo Crossovers

posted by on 7 December 2017 in Feature Cars Features

The Volvo XC40 made its official North American debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show as a surprisingly competent overall package that is bound to make all of its competitors a bit nervous. The XC40’s senior exterior designer, Ian Kettle, is proud of how different it looks. He is proud of the design because the first […] More…

Top 10 Affordable Cars with Surprisingly Higher-End Interiors

posted by on 31 October 2017 in Features Opinions & Editorials

Car owners spend more time inside their car than looking at it from the outside, so a car’s interior has to be a nice place to be.  Of course, luxury vehicles excel at making sure their drivers have a comfortable and pleasing place to spend time, but luckily for the rest of us, there are […] More…