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Geely Unveil EV Platform, Will Be Used in Volvos

posted by on 25 September 2020 in Volvo News

Although Volvo has decided not to wait for a dedicated platform to start producing EVs, it may still get one soon. Geely unveiled its Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), which it says will be used by 16 all-new electric vehicles.   Volvo’s XC40 Recharge and the Polestar 2 both used a modified version of the XC40’s gas-powered […] More…

Polestar Expanding to Double Spaces, More Countries

posted by on 22 September 2020 in Polestar News

Upstart electric automaker and Volvo spinoff Polestar is getting up and dancing quickly, says a new report from Reuters. A doubling of showrooms globally and new markets are in store for this year for the automaker. Speaking at the Beijing Auto Show this week, and one of few international auto execs to make the trip, […] More…

Polestar Calls on EV Industry to be More Transparent

posted by on 17 September 2020 in Volvo News

Although the industry tells us that EVs are green, Polestar wants it to show its math. The company has produced a Life Cycle Assessment to show just EVs are impacting the environment and wants other manufacturers to follow suit. The reason, the company says, is that automakers need to build trust. Although EVs have a […] More…

Volvo Air Filters to Keep You Safe Even if there Isn’t a Crash

posted by on 15 September 2020 in Volvo News

Volvo cars are known for being safe in an accident. Thanks to seatbelts, their own crash test center, and countless patents, their reputation is well-earned. But now they want to keep you safe even if there isn’t a calamity. Volvo is offering premium air-quality technology in its 60 and 90 series cars that helps clean […] More…

The Family Roadtrip: Tall Tales for the next generation

posted by on 9 September 2020 in Features Reviews and Road Tests

The world changed during the year since Volvo Car USA flew journalists to the picturesque Banff, Canada for the model year 2020 drive in late 2019.  By March of 2020, much of the world would be in quarantine wondering what was next.   As the weeks and months went by, dealerships and manufacturers reopened adhering to […] More…

The Volvo P1800 Cyan

posted by on 2 September 2020 in Industry News News

In June 2020, a swedespeed reader in Sweden sent me some photos of a P1800 in camouflage and we wondered if it was the return of retro design or smaller platform prototype.   Fast forward to today and we see the beautiful P1800 Cyan.   This team at Cyan Racing has outdone themselves with this […] More…

Vredestein HYPERTRAC: All-New UHP All-Season Tire

posted by on 29 August 2020 in Industry News News

Selecting a new tire can be challenging, especially when living with seasonal conditions.  I have been driving on the Vredestein Quatrac Pro all weather tires with my Volvo S90 Inscription and V60 Cross Country for more than 10,000 miles.   The tires perform well on dry, wet and cold, light snow-covered surfaces.  For Volvo owners seeking […] More…

2021 Polestar 2 First Drive Review

posted by on 26 August 2020 in Reviews and Road Tests

(Cue Jan Brady voice); “Tesla, Tesla, Tesla!” When it comes to a sporty, entry-level luxury BEV sedan, that’s pretty much the only game in town, and why not? The Model3 is, by most measures (JD Power nit-pickery aside), a great car. But we’re so spoiled, ain’t we? We like choices, especially when it comes to cars. […] More…

Volvo Rates First in JD Power Tech Experience Index

posted by on 20 August 2020 in Volvo News

Among mass-market brands, Volvo has ranked highest with drivers for how its technology is experienced in JD Power’s Tech Experience Index. Placing ahead of BMW, Cadillac, and Tesla, the Swedish firm ranked high for its wealth of high technology as well as the quality of its tech. Earning itself 617 (out of a possible 1,000), […] More…

11 Volvos Get 5 Star Safety Ratings for 2021

posted by on 18 August 2020 in Volvo News

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has double-checked Volvo’s work and found little to criticize. The administration has awarded 11 Volvos its highest rating of 5 stars.  “Volvo has always been and always will be about people, which means safety is our number one priority,” said Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President Americas and President and […] More…

Volvo Has Built 600,000 Vehicles on the CMA Platform Since 2017

posted by on 4 August 2020 in Volvo News

Volvo’s compact vehicle platform has, since being introduced in 2017, provided the basis for more than 600,000 vehicles worldwide, the company revealed today in a statement. The platform underpins the XC40 as well as the XC40 Recharge P8 electric vehicle, whose sales are set to begin this fall. It was also used to create the […] More…

Volvo’s Plug-In Sales Nearly Doubled Last Year

posted by on 27 July 2020 in Volvo News

Sales of Volvo’s plug-in hybrid vehicles neared the 30,000 units mark in Europe in the first half of 2020. That was a full 24% percent of the more than 123,000 vehicle total it posted for the first half of the year. Although the numbers look substantial, Automotive News reports that nearly 80% of Volvo’s sales […] More…

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