Project V70 T5M

  1. Reincarnation: Project V70 T5M Introduction

    Envisioning my next project car, I was looking for something that was timely and had the potential for a broad appeal. At the time, our 2006 Project V70R was at the higher end with the latest generation R and mods. I wanted to go in a similar but different direction on a more realistic budget. Full Story...

  2. Swedespeed Project V70 T5M Part Two: Reaching Stage Zero

    The actual definition may vary depending on the owner’s opinion of what is baseline livable, but at the core of Stage 0 is the return of your engine components and mechanicals through repair or replacement, bringing the car back to solid stock performance levels. Full Story...

  3. Swedespeed Project V70 T5 Part Three: IPD Stage Three Upgrades

    While we were finalizing Stage 0 and other cosmetic enhancements, we began to plan out what we were going to do to turn up the fun factor for our Project V70 T5. While chatting with IPD, they mentioned they were going to be offering a new “Turbo back” exhaust system for the 870 cars and offered to send us a version for our project. Full Story...

  4. Swedespeed Project V70 T5M: V70R Seat Restoration

    The leather with the diamond pattern suede seats found in the 1998 to 2000 V70R represent one of the most memorable features from that generation. Full Story...

Project V70 T5M
Base Car: 1998 Volvo V70 T5 T6
Engine: 2.3-liter five-cylinder turbocharged
Transmission: Five-speed manual
Color: White
Engine:IPD Stage 3
Transmission: 850R clutch and pressure plate
Exhaust: IPD 3-inch turbo back
Wheels: 17-inch Volvo Pegasus
Tires: General Altimax HP
Suspension: H&R Lowering Springs
Brakes: Stock
Exterior: 2000 V70R front bumper
Lighting: 2004 C70 jewel headlamps and corners
Interior: 2000 V70R graphite/oak suede
Stereo: Kenwood 6160
Contact: Chris Stewart

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