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Swedespeed Gallery: 2010 Carlisle Import and Replicar Nationals
By by Stu Fowle, Photos by the Author
Jun 1, 2010, 12:59

Every May we like to crawl out from the offices we've been hibernating in all winter for an opportunity to enjoy some good weather, wonderful cars, and even better people. There's no better place for that combination than the Carlisle Import and Replicar Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, though over the past few years Mother Nature has let everyone know what time to clear the show field on Saturday afternoon with a nice cool shower. So our Chicago contingent packed our XC60 long-term tester and headed out to meet our East Coast crew at the show. As always, it delivered in a great way.

Volvo owners have always been loyal followers of the show and cars with the iron mark always seem to claim the largest chunk of space out on the show field. It was so cool to be in the Volvo aisles this year that a Chrysler minivan even tried to sneak in with a makeshift Volvo grille. It wasn't fooling anyone. Owners of 1800 coupes and shooting brakes showed up in force for 2010, and overall there seemed to be a good turnout for truly classic Volvos. Of course, 850 owners also had their usual presence, and there was also a nice selection of newer cars. One of our perennial favorites, a red 242 tastefully done with a Group-A rear wing, sat proud among an eclectic array of cars.

See a comprehensive gallery of the Volvos of Carlisle 2010 by clicking the photo gallery rectangle below, and if you're interested in seeing everything else that showed up this year, including a Mercedes McLaren SLR roadster and a pretty neat selection of Audis and BMWs, there's a mega-gallery waiting for you at Kilometer Magazine.

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