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The XC60: The Most Comfortable Way to Crash

Volvo debuted its handsome XC60 earlier this week and it’s shaping up well, but Volvos aren’t just about elegance and comfort. They’re about discomfort, too, and the company has now released three crash test videos of the new SUV.

As if making a quick, pretty, reliable, practical vehicle wasn’t hard enough Volvo also went and threw down the gauntlet, saying that no one would die because of one of its new vehicles as of 2020. And if these crash tests are anything to go from, the Swedes are on their way.

With a rollover, front, and overlap test to look at here we can see the XC60 go through tests that could have been life-threateningly dangerous just a few years ago (or this year if you buy a pony car) an come out looking alright.

It may not be news that Volvos are safe, but it is at least fascinating to watch safety happen.