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Watch: Volvo’s Fastest Car Races the World’s Fastest Truck

The Volvo S60 Polestar has been tearing it up on northern Europe’s race tracks, competing and winning in the World Touring Car Championship, but is it the fastest vehicle Volvo makes?

Volvo Trucks unsurprisingly makes some pretty big, pretty impressive engines and they’ve been busily working on a truck they call the Iron Knight.

Making 2,400 hp and 4,400 lb-ft of torque, the Iron Knight is officially the fastest truck in the world over 1,000 meters. This beast can cover the standing kilometer (0.6 miles) in just 21.29 seconds. To put that in perspective, the Audi R8 takes 20.5 seconds to cover the same distance.

The 400 hp S60 is no slouch, though, and it weighs about 3,000 fewer pounds, so the nuts over at Volvo decided to pit these two titans against each other at Sweden’s Mantorp Park.

Volvo Racetruck

The first race these two competed in was the quarter mile drag and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the record-holder won. Although the S60 Polestar wasn’t far behind, the Iron Knight ended the race ahead.

Once corners came into the equation, though, the Iron Knight’s weight worked against it, and the S60 Polestar was the clear winner.

In the end, the results are less than surprising, but they remain highly entertaining.