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Volvo Sales Up 10% in April

Sales continue to improve for Volvo, which celebrated a strong start to the year’s second quarter with a 10.5% sales increase in April.

The increase was precipitated by strong performances in all three of Volvo’s main sales regions and amounted to nearly 47,000 cars sold worldwide.

The Asia Pacific region and China, in particular, were strong again for Volvo. The important market improved nearly 30% last month, totaling more than 11,000 cars sold in all.

European sales meanwhile raised by a more modest 3.7% but totaled nearly 27,000 vehicles in all.

America, meanwhile, where the automaker has struggled recently, saw an encouraging 15% jump in sales, for a total of nearly 8,500 cars. Despite that, sales in the Americas region are still down for the year to date, but they continue to improve in Europe and Asia by nearly 10% and 20% respectively.

The 90 series continues to sell well, but it was the XC60 that sold in the greatest numbers. With an all new, well-reviewed XC60 coming soon, sales should improve even more in the coming months.