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Samuelsson Calls on Car Industry to Go Greener

Volvo’s CEO, Hakan Samuelsson last week called for the car industry to more closely reflect consumer demand and go greener.

“Our customers want safer, more sustainable and convenient cars,” said Samuelsson. “We can meet that demand, be a force for change and grow our business at the same time. I am confident that our next generation of fully autonomous, electrified and connected vehicles will help make the cities of the future cleaner, safer and smarter.”

Samuelsson made his comments at the UN Global Compact Nordic Network in Gothenburg, a bi-annual meeting of corporate and sustainability experts. More than 190 delegates were present for the Volvo CEO’s speech about how businesses can support the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.

“We recognize the limitations of the internal combustion engine and the appetite for change in society,” said Samuelsson, under whom Volvo has committed to selling 1 million electric vehicles by 2025. “Our commitments will not only help protect the environment and make people’s lives better and safer. They also make perfect business sense.”

Moreover, the company is committing to having climate-neutral manufacturing operations by 2025 and not allowing anyone to die or be seriously injured in one of its vehicles by 2020.

Progress is good. Carbon dioxide emissions have dropped 70% in its European manufacturing endeavors between 2004 and 2016.

Volvo can’t change the automotive industry by itself, though, so the company is working with safety organizations, public bodies, and others to help bring the automotive industry into the 21st century.