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2012 MY Build Configurator Launches on Volvo US Site

If you’re still confused about Volvo’s new premium and platinum trim levels, the new 2012 build configurators show what they mean for each car. And you can now build your dream S60 R-Design, just like we are. It’s amazing, really–only five colors are offered, yet we just can’t decide between them. Red? No, black. No, Ice White. Hey, at least the interior only comes in one color.

Maybe the R-Design isn’t your thing. Maybe you just want to know what the XC90’s new trim levels entail. The new configurators can help you there as well, as they list all of the things each level includes. Just keep in mind that the S60 has no trim levels at this point, and also take note that the S40, V50, and S80 builds are still for 2011 models. Those first two, of course, are canceled next year and the S80 must be a late arrival.

Alright, we’ll stop talking. Just head over to volvocars.com/us to get started.

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