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Project 850 T-5R Wagon

posted by on 2 July 2010 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon


Project 850 T-5R Wagon Base Car: 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R Wagon Engine: 2.3-liter 20V 5-cylinder Turbo Transmission: 4-speed Automatic Color: Black Modifications: Engine: Stock Transmission: Stock Exhaust: Stock Wheels: 16-inch Turbo Fans Tires: Worn Suspension: Stock Brakes: Stock Exterior: Stock/Worn Lighting: Stock Interior: Stock Stereo: Stock Contact: Stu Fowle More…

Project 850 T-5R Update: Carbon Fiber Dashboard, Alpine iXA-W404 Head Unit

posted by on 16 December 2009 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon Technical Features

Last spring, just a month or so after buying my T-5R off a lot full of Harleys in Rockford, Illinois, I decided the woodgrain trim needed to go. It wasn’t offensive by any means, but woodgrain just wa… More…

Project 850 T-5R Part Three: Intake, Exhaust, and ECU Upgrades From EuroSport Tuning

posted by on 3 August 2009 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon Technical Features

When we last reported on the progress of the Swedespeed Project T-5R, we were practicing a healthy mix of repairing and modifying by swapping out a completely beat suspension system for a new s… More…

Project 850 T-5R: Suspension Upgrade

posted by on 22 May 2009 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon Technical Features

I sometimes wake up in cold sweats at night because suspension projects haunt me. That’s because the last time I did a “quick and easy” spring and shock swap, the job was anything but. The car was a 1… More…

Bjorn Vader: Project 850 T-5R Intro

posted by on 25 February 2009 in Project 850 T-5R Wagon Technical Features

We pick up a slightly worn but solid T-5R wagon for under $3,000. Bargain Volvo acquired, Swedespeed intends to highlight just how far the 850/X70 aftermarket has grown in the eight years since we began our first 850R project. More…