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Winter Tires – Do you need more traction this season?

posted by on 26 January 2016 in Features Technical Features


With the east coast digging out from the Blizzard of 2016, the subject of winter tires has become a topic during snow shoveling breaks. Tire tread patterns, air pressure and the rubber compound are all important variables that contribute to how a vehicle performs in various weather conditions and temperatures. When the temperatures drop to […] More…

Project V70R: Intro.

posted by on 15 August 2014 in Technical Features


The opportunity to build a project car can be both an enjoyable and frustrating experience at the same time. During 2006, we took a brand new Sonic Blue V70R and made something quite a bit more impressive within a few months. At the time, IPD had just finished developing its latest products for the R […] More…

Swedespeed Project V70 T5M: V70R Seat Restoration

posted by on 14 January 2012 in Project V70 T5M Technical Features


The leather with the diamond pattern suede seats found in the 1998 to 2000 V70R represent one of the most memorable features from that generation. More…

1998-2000 V70: AWD Propeller Shaft Repair

posted by on 22 December 2011 in Technical Features


This technical feature covers the replacement of the ’98-’00 V70 AWD propeller shaft. More…

Rumors: Volvo V60 Wagon Could Come Stateside as Hybrid

posted by on 19 January 2011 in Technical Features


Yes, while Volvo’s current range of wagons continues its exodus from the North American market, recent conversations suggest there may still be an outside chance for the company’s newest and most striking estate, the V60 More…

Swedespeed Project XC60 Update: H&R Lowering Springs

posted by on 23 March 2010 in Project XC60 T6 Technical Features

Since we last checked in on our Volvo XC60, it has gone through a lot of changes. We ended the last update by switching back from our 20-inch Heico five-spoke wheels to the stock setup in hopes of testing the off-the-lot winter handling, as well as the handling and fuel economy differences between our setup. More…

Q&A: Per-Ivar Sellergren, Inventor of Volvo’s Cutting-Edge Body Panel Battery Technology

posted by on 17 March 2010 in Technical Features

For almost two decades now, Per-Ivar Sellergren, a senior engineer at Volvo in Sweden has been working on advanced technologies including one increasingly relevant breakthrough–body panels that funct… More…

The Selfless Volvo: 2011 S60 Pedestrian Detection with Auto Braking System Explained

posted by on 15 March 2010 in Technical Features

Last year Volvo debuted the XC60, the “Car that stops itself,” as all the marketing equipment read. This year, they’ll debut a new S60 that’s even smarter, with sharper vision and a more advanced brai… More…

Volvo Tech: We Tour the Enerdel Battery Factory, Supplier of Power for the C30 Electric Car

posted by on 22 February 2010 in Technical Features

It seemed as if the Enerdel company had maybe built a massive wind farm in the middle of a random field in an even more random part of Indiana (itself a pretty non-descript state) just so visitors com… More…

Swedespeed Project V70 T5 Part Three: IPD Stage Three Upgrades

posted by on 15 February 2010 in Project V70 T5M Technical Features


While we were finalizing Stage 0 and other cosmetic enhancements, we began to plan out what we were going to do to turn up the fun factor for our Project V70 T5. While chatting with IPD, they mentioned they were going to be offering a new “Turbo back” exhaust system for the 870 cars and offered to send us a version for our project. More…