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Meet the First Family to Test Volvo’s Autonomous XC90

posted by on 9 January 2017 in News Volvo News


In its pursuit of bringing autonomous vehicles to the road, Volvo will test around 100 autonomous vehicles in its home town of Gothenburg, Sweden this year. The Hain family  was the first to receive the keys to its autonomous XC90 today in Detroit. The stereotypically blonde Hain family will test drive the car for 2017, […] More…

Jerry Seinfeld and Kristin Wiig Explore the Volvo-ness

posted by on 6 January 2017 in News Volvo Blog


You may know that Jerry Seinfeld is an avowed fan of Volvos, but it might you to know that Kristen Wiig (SNL, Ghost Busters, Bride’s Maids) is also a big fan of the brand. On the first episode of season nine of Seinfeld’s hit web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he drives Wiig around […] More…

Volvo Expands Car Sharing Service

posted by on 6 January 2017 in News Volvo News

Volvo Cars digital key

Since 1998 Volvo has been running Sunfleet, a car sharing service in Sweden, and now it’s going global. With more than 50,000 subscribers in 50 Swedish cities, Sunfleet is already doing quite well in Volvo’s home market, but with the changing automotive landscape, the brand recognizes that it’s time to offer the service around the […] More…

The Volvo V90 is Finally Coming to America

posted by on 5 January 2017 in News Volvo News

Volvo V90 R-Design Location

The wagon is experiencing something of a cultural moment right now and few brands have been more adamant supporters of the body style than Volvo. Now, the next chapter is here, as the V90 is set to premiere in Detroit early next week. The final member of the 90 Series family, the V90 is the […] More…

Watch: Volvo’s Fastest Car Races the World’s Fastest Truck

posted by on 14 December 2016 in Volvo News

Volvo Racetruck

The Volvo S60 Polestar has been tearing it up on northern Europe’s race tracks, competing and winning in the World Touring Car Championship, but is it the fastest vehicle Volvo makes? Volvo Trucks unsurprisingly makes some pretty big, pretty impressive engines and they’ve been busily working on a truck they call the Iron Knight. Making […] More…

Volvo V90 Ready to Catch Some Swedish Baddies

posted by on 1 December 2016 in News Volvo News

Volvo V90 som polisbil får högsta betyget hittills

The Swedish police force has long chosen Volvos whenever it’s needed cars, and now that there’s a new wagon—the V90—the Polisen have been running tests to determine its worthiness. Not only did the handsome V90 pass with flying colors, it was the best rated car ever tested by the Swedish police force, 9.2 out of […] More…

Peter Mertens Leaves Volvo for Audi

posted by on 24 November 2016 in News Volvo News


Dr. Peter Mertens, until now the Vice President of Research and Development at Volvo, is leaving the company to take a new position leading Technical Development at Audi. Mertens joined Volvo in 2011 and was an important member of the team that led Volvo’s turnaround. In his time with the company, Volvo released the very well […] More…

Safety Updates Coming to 90 Series

posted by on 23 November 2016 in News Volvo News

New Volvo V90 Cross Country Driving

The 90 series of Volvos is about to get safer thanks to new features that take advantage of information the cars are already collecting. The updates will, among other things, warn drivers of slippery road conditions and cars that have pulled over on the road ahead. The technologies, called Slippery Road Alert and Hazard Light […] More…

Volvo Wins 2017 IntelliChoice Certified Pre-Owned Car Awards

posted by on 21 November 2016 in News Volvo News


Everyone knows that Volvo is excellent at offering new cars, but, as it turns out, it’s also excellent at offering pre-owned Volvos. That’s according to IntelliChoice, a cost and value analysis provider that honored Volvo in its Certified Pre-Owned Car (CPO) Awards. Volvo Car USA won the Best Premium Program award and the Best Premium […] More…

V90 Cross Country and V60 Polestar Make Auto Show Debut in LA

posted by on 17 November 2016 in Events Coverage Features News Volvo News


The 2017 V90 Cross Country made its car show debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. Placed alongside the new V60 Polestar, the two cars show the duality of Volvo performance, in both ideal and less than ideal conditions. The svelte new V90 Cross Country features a raised ride height, all-wheel-drive, and body cladding […] More…