HEICO SPORTIV Announces 2014 products


Jul 31, 2013 - 6:31:00 AM

The stylish refinement of Volvo optics is among HEICO SPORTIV’s core competences. No other company over the past 18 years has more successfully satisfied its sophisticated clientele’s taste than HEICO SPORTIV. But it’s been no easy challenge for the Weiterstadt team. “Since the R-Design’s launch, we’ve been permanently confronted with the question: for which design line should we develop our exterior products? For the Standard Design or the R-Design?” explains HEICO SPORTIV general manager, Holger Hedtke. “As the sales figures vary from market to market, making this decision has always been a dilem-ma. That’s why we decided for the first time, for the new Volvo models S60 and V60, to develop design elements for both variants.”

Two variants, countless individualization opportunities
Both variants follow HEICO SPORTIV’s successful design philosophy: clear, expressive forms and a sportily striking but always unobtrusive look! For the standard version, the original bumper is supplemented by a bi-part front spoiler, adding prominence to the series-produced spoiler lip, while blending seamlessly into the overall look.

For the R-Design front spoiler, HEICO SPORTIV takes this concept a step further: the spoiler lip is even more prominent, with the distinctive falcate design element embracing the LED lamps and lending the Volvo S/V60 R-Design an even sportier look. Purposefully chosen recesses and beading skillfully pick up on the series design, with special color combinations taking individualization to a new level of diversity.

Excellent material quality and fitting precision
As customary at HEICO SPORTIV, the new design elements are manufactured from polyurethane plastic (PUR-RIM) as well. PUR is a durable, homogeneous material that can be produced in low wall thicknesses; characteristic for its tremendous resilience are its exceptional impact and tensile strengths. So-called PUR-RIM parts are found wherever safety, durability, and impact and tensile strength are in demand. In prac-tice, that means: minor parking lot scraps are “forgiven and forgotten” – the components yield to a certain extent, thereby avoiding damage. In addition, all these components shine through their unparalleled fitting precision, ease of assembly and their fulfillment of the latest pedestrian safety guidelines that must be crash-test-proven by law.

The celebrated rear skirt in diffusor optic, including four-pipe sport exhaust systems, as well as the attrac-tively priced body kits made up of these components, remain in the program portfolio.

Extensive performance program
Besides the wide range of design elements, HEICO SPORTIV is, above all, a performance enhancement specialist. Also available for the 2014 model year Volvo S/V60 are:

>> e.motion® performance enhancements for all mainstream engine and gearbox variants
>> e.motion® PerformanceKit T6
>> Dual and quad-pipe exhaust system
>> Sport springs
>> Sport suspension
>> 6-piston sport brake system
>> VOLUTION® designer wheel programs V., VII. and X. from 18” to 20”
>> Numerous products for the interior, including a sport steering wheel for vehicles with shift paddles and a new shift lever with illuminated HEICO SPORTIV logo







The newly developed products will be available throughout the entire dealer network in Germany and Switzerland starting calendar week 32. Specially trained personnel and demonstration vehicles will also be available at 14 Premium and 7 service partners in Germany, and at 16 Premium and 12 service partners in Switzerland. HEICO SPORTIV distributes its products via a network of ca. 40 importers worldwide.

For further information, please visit: www.heicosportiv.com and www.facebook.com/heicosportivpage