Special Orange Edition C30 Coming to US? Volvo Needs Your Feedback.

Aug 17, 2010 - 12:53:03 PM

Volvo's recent history is loaded with interesting and lovable rare colors. Think T-5R yellow from 1995, the Saffron paint of the first-generation C70, or the Atacama leather of the last S60R. The current combination under consideration is nothing special in Europe where a C30 can already be built this way, but here in North America, the new orange cloth interior isn't an option.

Product communications manager Dan Johnston, who has a brain made of Volvo history and owners manuals, took a few photos of a car currently at VCNA headquarters under consideration for a special edition run here in the States, and asked us to gather a little extra feedback from readers. He's looking for thoughts on two questions:

Question 1:
If Volvo was to offer a special edition C30 with only Orange Flame metallic paint, orange cloth/T-Tec seat, Sirius Satellite, high performance sound (not Premium Sound previously branded as Dynaudio) a 17″ new rim, what are your thoughts?

Question 2:
Would you need an available automatic trans, climate package, or bi-xenons?

He follows, "Don’t expect a surprise package of pickled herring for answering, just our appreciation for your taking time to comment."

We won't sway you with our opinion. Just head to our forums to comment or jump over to Dan's blog at volvoblog.us