Photo Gallery: 2012 Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals

swedespeed staff

May 20, 2012 - 10:24:43 PM

The turnout was great for 2012 with nearly 200 Volvos plus owners baking in the May sun. Unfortunately, our 2011 S60 T6 long-term car made its final distance run up to central Pennsylvania and the trip was well worth it. Our 2000 XC70 SE project received not one but two ECU tunes-more on that later.

Overall, as with previous Carlisle shows, the selection of cars from Volvo's current range of models was a thin, but improved with a couple S60s, XC70s and C30s. First generation S70 and V70 models generally dominate the Carlisle show field, along with 850s, but this year there was a good showing of historic Volvos. An Amazon showed up, a number of P1800s mixed in with a pair of Laser Blue 2000 V70Rs. The best part about this event is the 'forum screen names to faces' handshaking, project car commiseration and shared enthusiasm for the brand. Frank from Eurosport Tuning, Kristian from Snabb Tuning, and Robert Arnold from ARD Tuning each made the trip to Carlisle.


The Carlisle show is the East Coast event to attend and start the summer season. As a community, Volvo is as strong as ever. During the past year, Volvo began to yield financial growth and offer enthusiasts performance software tunes from Polestar for most 2011+ models. We were told Volvo will be the featured manufacturer for the 2013 Carlisle event. Hopefully, we can convince our friends in Rockleigh to join us with a few gems from Volvo's collection.


Check out our photo gallery. Thanks to everyone we had a chance to meet and we look forward to seeing everyone next year.