Swedespeed Staff

While the real people keeping Swedespeed friendly and inviting are our loyal readers and forum community members, there are a few people keeping things running smoothly each day. Working alongside our many moderators and their tireless efforts to keep the community together, these are the people behind the projects, the reviews, and the pictures you enjoy on the front page.

George Achorn

Senior Editor, Founder

George has always been into European cars but his first experience with Volvo was when he purchased an 850R in 2000. He loved the car but he also saw room for improvement and began to upgrade his virgin brick. Already working on the Volkswagen website VWvortex, he saw the need for a online magazine-forum geared toward Volvo owners and enthusiasts. The rest you probably know if you read this site, but George has continued to own a line of Volvos including a 245 that won’t quit at over 300,000 miles while his family truckster is our Swedespeed Project XC90 T6.

Volvo History
1997 Volvo 854R, 1990 Volvo 240, 1999 Volvo S80, 2004 Volvo S80 T6, 2008 Volvo C30

Chris Stewart

Editor, Forum Administrator

When it comes to cars and particularly Volvos, Chris Stewart has an addiction. Chris’ own long Volvo resume includes just about every modern era Volvo you can think of including both generations of V70R, an XC90 Sport and (our favorite) his current Stage 3 first-gen manual trans V70. If the need for modifying high-performance Volvos is a disease then we hope Chris is never cured. If it is an addiction, we don’t see the need for a Betty Ford Clinic visit any time soon.

Volvo History
How much time you got?