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Polestar announces new management team to develop electrified performance brand for Volvo Cars

posted by on 21 June 2017 in Volvo News

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, has announced that Polestar, its performance car arm, is to become a new separately-branded electrified global high performance car company, marking the latest stage in Volvo’s ongoing transformation. In order to drive the development of the brand, Volvo Cars also announced today that Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design […] More…

Volvo’s Polestar Might Become Separate Performance Brand for EVs

posted by on 13 June 2017 in News Volvo News

Despite being Volvo Cars’ official performance arm since 2015, Polestar has always felt like a separate entity. Its current offerings for the North American market are limited to amped up versions of the S60 and V60 — distinctive in personality and produced in extremely limited quantities. However, Volvo’s parent company Geely wants to make a change, converting […] More…

REVIEW: Pearl’s RearVision – The Rear Anti-Collision System

posted by on 9 June 2017 in Reviews and Road Tests

Each year new technologies improve safety and enhance the driving experience of Volvo vehicles. However, tech-related features and options available within vehicles today become outdated within a matter of months and just a few years from now the technology gap will be even more significant. To bridge divide, technology companies such as Pearl Automation, Inc. […] More…

Volvo Polestar Hits a New Milestone

posted by on 8 June 2017 in News Volvo News

Volvo has announced Polestar accessories can now be found in 100,000 vehicles worldwide. The milestone doesn’t mean Volvo has sold 100,000 performance-oriented Polestar models, but rather 100,000 Volvo vehicles have opted for Polestar accessories to be installed straight from the factory. The Swedish automaker offers a plethora of dealer-fit performance parts to upgrade cars before […] More…

Watch: MotorWeek Reviews the 850 R

posted by on 31 May 2017 in News Volvo Blog

MotorWeek’s YouTube channel is back with another retro review, this time of the 1996 Volvo 850R. The sporty wagon challenged people’s views of the boxy, safety-obsessed Swedish brand. The car is well received, with host John Davis, praising the car’s four-wheel disc brakes and impressive handling. On the other side of the equation, he takes […] More…

Driven: 2017 S60 and V60 Polestar

posted by on 30 May 2017 in Reviews and Road Tests

In 1965 Joginder Sign won the Safari Rally with the Volvo PV544 and when Volvo’s 242 “Flying Brick” swept the competition off the racing circuits of Europe on its way to become the Group A champion the reputation for being a boring car was erased. It was not until the mid-1990s, when Volvo entered two […] More…

Historic double victory and World Championship lead at the Nürburgring

posted by on 27 May 2017 in Motorsport News Volvo News

The FIA World Touring Car Championship weekend at the world’s most challenging circuit, the Nürburgring Nordschleife, turned out to be the best ever for Polestar Cyan Racing with a double victory, double championship lead and a record lap Thed Björk won the first race with team-mate Nicky Catsburg taking the honours of the second race, […] More…

Revealing a secret from the Nürburgring Nordschleife

posted by on 25 May 2017 in Volvo News

Cyan Racing remained at the Nürburgring Nordschleife after last year’s FIA World Touring Car Championship race to perform a secret test. The objective was to take the performance of the Volvo S60 Polestar road car as far as possible. The result was record-breaking and the learnings were so important, not only for the road car […] More…

Spied: XC40 Interior Caught While Testing

posted by on 22 May 2017 in Volvo News

The XC40 was out testing this week and our spy photographers caught the little Volvo’s interior on film. Like its bigger siblings, the XC40 is all understated luxury and clean, Scandinavian design. Unlike its siblings, the new compact SUV sits on a new platform. This little newcomer is based on the Compact Modular Architecture, a […] More…

Volvo Shows Off Autonomous Garbage Truck

posted by on 18 May 2017 in News Volvo News

Volvo doesn’t just make elegant and sophisticated cars, it also makes less glamorous vehicles, like garbage trucks. The bright minds over at the autonomous department have decided that autonomy need not apply exclusively to passenger cars. The video above shows how everything, even the vehicles that complete the most quotidian jobs can benefit from computer […] More…

Volvo to Start Producing XC90s in India

posted by on 18 May 2017 in News Volvo News

In an attempt to double its sales in the market, Volvo plans to start production of the XC90 in Hoskote, India. The XC90s will be built in a plant that Volvo already owns and the SUVs will be built from complete knockdown kits, meaning that they effectively just need to be assembled. The plant, located […] More…

2018 Volvo XC60 Starts at $41,500

posted by on 17 May 2017 in News Volvo News

The all-new XC60 can now be ordered from Volvo. With prices starting at $41,500 the newly updated luxury SUV is priced very competitively in its segment. With three engines to choose from and three trim levels, the new Volvo SUV can be kitted out to anyone’s tastes. The lowest cost option is the Momentum trim […] More…

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